Keep Your Smartphone Clean and Healthy with Clean Master App

Keep Your Smartphone Clean and Healthy with Clean Master App

It is a simple app which is fast and accurate. Clean Master is developed by Cheetah Mobile which was formerly called KS Mobile. It is the reliable one for Android users used worldwide by more than 200 million people. It is the highly downloaded Android cleaner, antivirus app, speed booster with more features like memory boost, best storage and protection.

Highlights of Clean Master – Phone Booster & Antivirus

It has remarkable features. Smart phone or tab can be optimized in no time. It removes junk files and thus improves the speed of your phone or tab. Professional security is given by the antivirus engine which is innovative.

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10 times improves the speed of apps. It clears the cache & residual file to clear in the device. As it removes the unwanted files and hidden file it enhances the internal storage of your phone or tab. For internet users it protects and gives privacy by removing your search and browser history.

Two parts of history are first cache made of temporary files. These temporary files use lot of spaces which disables you to use optimum use of your memory. When you tap on ‘History’ it gives you a list of apps installed. Mostly they are called System Cache. Many times we might have thought to delete unwanted files but would have not done. When you just tape clean and presto, it deletes your cache files from the apps selected. The other part is your residual file which is created through music and video files and also includes documents and other. The clean master allows you to also check the memory these files have occupied and also enables you to clear them.

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App Management tool in Clean Master manages you apps very smoothly. Its interface that is comfortable and user friendly to use gives a modern look. It is handy in everyday use due to its smooth user interface. Using Clean Master apps can be moved from internal storage to SD card. APK files that is not required can be removed to enhance the complete performance of your phone. You can have a backup of your important files. Your privacy is safer through its malware & vulnerability detection and that’ brand new. You are free and prevented from the trouble of compelling you to remove browser security. For quick access the clean master app can be placed in the notification panel.

Torch light also can be placed in the notification panel and just have to touch it to throw light. Floating window of clean master can have access from home screen to delete the tasks. Find your easy access to the recently used tabs using the most recent tabs icon which can be displayed at the notification panel.

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A separate game folder which displays your games in the home screen is provided by the game folder. As you select your favorite game the clean master automatically closes the other app and improves the performance of your phone or tab by 40%.

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