Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

Sport is a well disciplined game that is played among various players or two teams for the battle of a title or number one position. Today, in the world various top and rare games are major sources to stay fit and spare of diseases. However, it is a big challenging task for anyone to enlist only top 10 best sports of the world that have massive attendance of audience. In below, very popular 10 games have been described with short details that are played extremely across this universe.

1. Football

Football is the World’s most popular game that is also considered the expensive one. Soccer events continue throughout the year and after every 4 year there is a World Cup in which 32 or more teams are selected to participate. Football is the only game that is played in almost every corner of the universe.

2. Tennis

This sport has occupied 2nd position in top ten globally famous sports. In general, this is extremely famous in USA, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, UK and many other leading countries. America is the only country that has won more number of Tennis titles by Serena Williams and some others.

3. Basketball

This game was founded by a college professor of Canada in 19th century and since then it has been earning fame in the world. Today, USA is also a top country that is considered a hub of basketball. Throughout the year, there are many leagues and regional basketball competitions played among USA based clubs.

4. Baseball

It looks like cricket; however the rules of scoring points are different. Secondly, entire field setup is also dissimilar to cricket and points of each hit are various. It is extremely famous in USA, Japan, Cuba, UK, South Africa, Canada and many other countries. More than 500 million fans played a vital role to make it world’s 4th famous sport.

5. Cricket

Everyone is familiar with cricket as people know soccer. Cricket seems the 2nd famous sport in the world, but it is not. However, more than 28 countries, this game is played and watched by people. In Asia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE are main cricket teams.

6. Golf

Royal Families of Great Britain and Spanish Rulers played Golf in mid of 13th century. Later on, it arrived to USA and some European countries. Today, it is one of the most famous sports of the world. More than 450 million fans across this world watch and play this ancient game with new rules and terms.

7. Field Hockey

In early days, hockey was played on grassy fields, but later on mega trough and more than 5 million people are playing field hockey. In developing countries, the players are refined and then selected from colleges and domestic leagues. Hockey is extremely famous in the world and more than 55 countries play this sport, however in freezing countries field hockey has been switched to ice hockey events.

8. Table Tennis

On a wooden table, smaller court is drawn by some colors and a mini net is fixed in center little up of table’s surface. Two players on opposite sides play and start very gently. Target of each player is to hit the smaller ball hard to beat the opponent. This game is most famous in Asian countries, but today it has reached to many Western and European nations.

9. Volleyball

It is another famous sport of the world with maximum number of spectators. Volleyball is equally well known and played by men and women. For playing this game, there are strict rules, a court and a net between two teams. Volleyball court is little similar to tennis and badminton. In China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India and several European countries organize annual and seasonal contests among world’s top players

10. Rugby

Between the border of France and Spain, there are some regions where Catalan, Occitan and Basque people founded this game; rugby. In fact, today this has become one of the most famous sports in the world which are widely played in many developed countries. Two teams play the game and try to snatch the ball and run towards opponent’s pole to score the point. It is most famous in South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, England, Australia, Spain, France and some other European countries.