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Ruth Roberts Music: Music Supervisors

Attention Music Supervisors

Ruth Roberts' rich repertoire of songs in all genres -- sports anthems & themes, jazz, ballads, swing, doo-wop, blues, gospel, Christmas, children's music, and seasonal songs -- has long offered producers of film, television, and commercials a veritable treasure trove of music suitable for full scenes, end titles and/or backgrounds. The most recent Ruth Roberts song to be licensed has been for the series "Mad Men" (final season of the series). Many other television series, such as "Conan," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and "Seinfeld," have utilized Roberts' atmospheric and/or period-specific tunes to enhance the story-telling of their productions. Feature films such as 2010's "Jackass in 3-D" as well as others have recently utilized Roberts' "Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A." Please listen to the full songs on this site for the kind of period music or classic sport-themed song that would suit your next production. You can contact Susan Nicoletti, songwriter rep at 323-937-0200,

Come Hell or High Water

First Thing Ev'ry Morning - 01 Jimmy Dean

First Thing Ev'ry Morning_Dean Martin

(Dean Martin)

First Thing Ev'ry Morning - 03 Warner Mack

First Thing Ev'ry Morning - 04 Jerry Vale

First Thing Ev'ry Morning - 06 Arthur Godfrey

Get on the Heavenly Road

Harvest of Sunshine

Hillside in Scotland

I Love Mickey

(Teresa Brewer & Mickey Mantle)

If I Had You on a Desert Island

(Arthur Godfrey & Jannette Davis)

It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame

(The Harry Simeone Songsters)

Meet the Mets - 01 vocal

(Glenn Osser Orchestra & Chorus)

Meet the Mets - 02 instrumental

(Glenn Osser Orchestra)

Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. - 01 vocal

(Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra & Chorus)

Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. - 02 Instrumental

(Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra)

One America

Same Old You

What Is a Wife

What Is a Wife~Husband - 01 Wife

What Is a Wife~Husband - 02 Husband

Winter Snow