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Ruth Roberts Music: Links


iTunes: Tall Tom Jefferson

The mini-musical for grades 4-9.

St. Patrick's Day Songs

St. Patrick's Day Songs that Tickle your Funny Bone.

Benny Bunny's Band

Bunnies, Jack Rabbits, Dinosaurs, and more!

Easter Songs

Easter Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone!

April Fools Songs

It's Raining Frogs! The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring! And many more!

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross and the First American Flag.

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Ruth Roberts music in videos!

MySpace Page

Come join Ruth's MySpace page for even more music and news on Ruth Roberts' music.


Michael Brent Publications

Ruth created music for theatrical shows under the motto: "Young people communicating through Music and the Arts, Kindergarten through 9th grade." Please alert your children's teachers to Ruth's incredible array of wholesome Seasonal Plays, Revues, Rhythm Activities, and Broadway, Hollywood, and Disney mini-Plays. Many of these are geared to your child's current curriculum; all are steeped in the rich tradition of the popular musical event.  Hear excerpts at:

Piller Sounds Music Publishing

Piller Sounds Music is a boutique publishing company located in Los Angeles. As the publishing "arm" of Piller Music, (Piller Records, Shady Hill Records, Piller/Segan Productions) it serves to provide multi-media forms of music: songs, themes and sound tracks. Our writers regularly update the catalog with new demos for all markets: pop/rock/country/childrens' music/educational themes, as well as music for the numerous TV series produced by Piller/Segan -- Wildfire (ABC Family), Dead Zone (USA network), Greek (ABC Family) etc. In addition, Piller Sounds represents the Ruth Roberts Catalog. We are administered through FranAm, also located in Los Angeles.


I Love Mickey on YouTube

Teresa Brewer and you-know-who with great historical footage.

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